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#50392 - 10/07/17 11:19 PM Re: I finally give up [Re: Wee Rab]
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I am really sick to the back teeth of political parties condemning each other, and their own, of ‘outrageous comments’ and ‘unacceptable behaviour’ for using a phrase which has been used for a hundred years.
Anne Marie Morris, a Tory, used the phrase ‘nigger in a woodpile’ and was immediately berated by every half wit in Parliament for using racist language.
Everyone uses the phrase in everyday discussion without ‘offending’ anyone.
There is still a colour of leather and shoes and boot polish called ‘nigger brown’.
Blacks in America use nigger as a self descriptive term, so why on earth are UK politicians soiling their Bond Street knickers for using the word?
Why are the television companies and newspapers using ‘the n word’ and ‘n*****’?
If black folks are not offended by the word nigger, why are white politicians?
We are being controlled by a bunch of apologetic half wits who feel the need to be sorry for garbage for which there is no need to be sorry.
It does not offend me. It does not offend my black friends, why on earth should it offend politicians?
The phrase has been around for more than 200 years. Why is it offensive now?
It is an historically accepted descriptive phrase to which modern half wits react with fake shock horror.
Get a life you dozy reactionary pinheads. It’s just a phrase we all understand because of historical racism. It isn’t racist. Grow up you apologetic bunch of sheep.

Yours most sincerely,

Rab, not a nigger, but a realist.

#50410 - 23/07/17 11:56 PM Re: I finally give up [Re: Wee Rab]
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Sitting watching Crime Stories on TV tonight, not something I normally do, and the intricacies of acceptable evidence, makes me wonder whether or not the Press in the 1800s were right or wrong in their reporting in the day.
The court reporting in the days of yore allowed the reporter to give a personal first hand description of the accused. This would include phrases such as ‘an angry looking individual with heavy eyebrows, a broken style nose and surly attitude.’
That description may or may not be more exact and incriminating than we want to accept.
It is also a description of a person suffering from congenital syphilis, not unknown in the poor and working classes up until the end of the last world war, in fact, up until the mid 80s.
Today, we have the power of TV and recorded court proceedings to let us see the individuals involved in court cases.
We all know that we can look at someone and think they are a ‘wrong un.’
The fact is, those first impressions are seldom wrong, and despite the demands of the justice system, known offenders are freed on ‘lack of evidence’ no matter how sure the public at large are convinced of guilt.
Clear and accepted evidence in law, is not always as ‘clear’ as we would wish it to be.
Plea bargaining and evidence exchange clouds the legal waters, but saves time, money and court verdicts, which oils the system.
I spent 30 years watching the system being oiled, but only saw a few cases which resulted in a guilty person evading punishment.
The precise evidence demanded today by the courts often leads to clouded waters and dubious acquittals.
I like to think that my predecessors were smarter than we are now.
They described what they saw, and were allowed to form an opinion, which should not have made courts act or react to what they presumed.
OK. Crime now is a deviant exercise, and those prosecuting it have to be as deviant as the perpetrators.
I have only one complaint, why are the complaints of the caught offenders the only complaints investigated?

Cheers ’n’ beers, Rab.

#50412 - 27/07/17 02:32 PM Re: I finally give up [Re: Wee Rab]
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Loc: Whithorn, Wigtownshire, Gallow...
Well the wee toon o’ Whithorn had a celebration last night, when more than half the town turned out to line the streets to welcome home 17 year old boxer Tyler Jolly, gold medal winner at the Youth Commonwealth Games in the Bahamas.
Here is how it happened. Friends, family and Brave Hearts Boxing Club members suggested on social media that a Civic Reception was in order.
Within two days, it was organised. Tyler, his coaches, and members of the boxing club were paraded up and down the town on the back of an open lorry, applauded all the way by the people of Whithorn, many waving The Saltire, the emblem of Brave Hearts ABC.
Back at the town hall, a mountain of food, baked, cooked and spontaneously supplied by everyone and anyone, was set out on tables, and the main hall was packed to capacity, awaiting the return of their ‘Local Hero.’
Even recently retired councillor Alistair Geddes, took to the stage to act as MC.
The speeches from Tyler’s boxing coaches were short, but to the point, and every sentence was cheered by the people of Whithorn.
The building shook to the rafters when the man of the moment took to the stage, complete with Gold Medal around his neck.
A shy young man with exceptional boxing skills, almost embarrassed at the huge turnout to greet and congratulate him.
Tyler is a credit to his family, his boxing club and the town of Whithorn.
May he go from strength to strength in then boxing world, and bring more gold medals back to ‘the wee toon.’

Cheers, Rab.

#50413 - 27/07/17 09:09 PM Re: I finally give up [Re: Wee Rab]
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Brilliant Rab. Whithorn certainly can produce the boxing talent.

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