Below is a letter from a volume of the history of the "Chiefs of Grant" by William Fraser. It refers to the time of Bonnie Prince Charlie's uprising. Chiefs of Grant, by William Fraser Vol 2.pdf

COLONEL ANGUS MCDONELL, second son of John Macdonell of Glengary, to JOHN GRANT of Bellintom, Bailie of Urquhart Ordering him to have a hundred men ready to join his standard in five days.

Dellchannie, 30th September 1745.


These serves to give notice that I am this farr on my way to Glengarry, and being clad with the Prince’s orders to burn and harass all people that does not imediatly joyn the standard, and ase I have particullar orders to raise your contrie, I doe by these beg the favoure you, on receipt of this line, to have att lest one hundred men readdie in five days after receipt of this, to joyn my standart at Invergarrie; and tho contrarie to my inclinations, in caice of not dew observance to this my demand, I shall march to your contrie with the gentlemen here in company, Keapoch’s brother and Tirnadrish, etc., and shall putt my orders in execution with all rigour; and ase I have the greatest regaird for Grant and all his concerns, I beg you give nether your contrie or me any truble I do not choose to give; and your readdie complyance to this favour will much oblidge him who is
Sincerly, dear Sir, your most humble servant,


P.S.Lett me have your answer per bearer, which will determine me how to behave.