I've spent a few days at martins, mostly putting casks up on to racking. I'd forgotten just how hard work it is, even just driving the forklift. After a few hours I get neck strain and the old bones get stiff quite quickly but with a bit of luck I'll start loosing some weight.
It's also surprising that racking does not seem to produce substantial gains in space saving, nor is it particularly cost effective. Martin has worked out that it pays for itself in about four years but when you have lots of space it's doubtful if going high is the answer, at least not in a start -up business where careful utilisation of cash is important.
Meanwhile as work continues inside the weeds continue to grow outside and a large place takes a lot of maintenance. I've always thought that it's important to keep business premises looking as tidy as one can but it's much easier said than done.
It's particularly nice to see a few Bladnoch casks with the names of their purchasers.