"How about this for a great alternative (and early) Father's Day gift? Greywacke Wine Dinner, June 11th hosted by 'Mr Cloudy Bay' himself, Kevin Judd. In brief, it's a four course dinner, at The Apartment restaurant, accompanied by a selection of five of the finest Greywacke wines known to humanity, hosted by none other than the man who makes them! All for the exceptionally reasonable price of £65 a head (including a £10 voucher redeemable against any Greywacke purchase on the night).

Book your tickets here: WWW.DRINKMONGER.COM"

Marlbourough is amongst the Mrs's favourite so tis a bit unfortunate we can't make this tasting. She also had her Hen Party in The Apartment which is a very fine place to munch.

After last night's wine tasting in Drinkmonger I'm reminded just how welcome it is to hear directly from the producer - there was no single minded tunnel vision of brand - just passionate, informative and entertaining chat. Result.