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#18573 - 26/01/06 07:27 PM Simon Hughes Lib/ Dem politician
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Why is it in this country that the press can pursue people, usually politicians, and harass them about their sexuality.
Then they report, that it's not a question of sexuality but of the fact that the politician has lied about it.
It's a disgrace that people are so frightened of the consequences that they lie. It's definitely wrong that anyone feels obliged to answer a question, on what should be a personal matter.
If I was asked I think I would just say F off you ------- or a good kicking might dampen their curiosity.

#18574 - 27/01/06 07:40 AM Re: Simon Hughes Lib/ Dem politician
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Completely agree Raymond. We've gone "politically correct" mad to the detriment of honest opinion. Have you ever thought of a life in sure you could sort a couple of them out!


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