Another newspaper cutting part of the Bladnoch story.

Entitled, "Thats what you call a flying visit ... or a Norman conquest"

When drinks boss Sir Normn McFarlane pays a flying visit, it means just that .... as Bladnoch Distillery discovered on Monday.
Sir Norman, chairman of the distillery's owners, United Distillers, swooped for his first visit to Bladnoch first thing on Monday morning.
He had a whistlestop tour of the distillery, a quick chat to the 16-strong workforce, a look at the visitor centre, then it was up, up and away again .... all in less than an hour.
But he did stand still long enough to make a firm commitment to Bladnoch, heap praise on the visitor facilities ... and of course, try a drop of the local produce.
"Yes Bladnoch definitely has a long term future" he said. The whisky is pretty well home-made and the distillery is very busy."
He announced the distillery would be sharing in a 3.1 million investment programme as part of the company's strategic review, then turned to the Visitor Centre.
"It's absolutely marvellous what's being done here in bringing people into the area. Last year it brought in 15000 people and I believe it's running at double that this year.
"It's good business because many people are taking away a bottle, but it's also marvellous for the district."

As some of you know my keyboard occasionally skips a key. I had to go bck and put the "f" into " a flying visit"